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Veppam is a story of two brothers and how their lifestyle changes due to gangsters

Veppam revolves around three childhood friends and the way in which their life is changed by anti-social gangsters. Director Anjana opens the screen with the suicide attempt of a girl and a cinematic thriller-flashback filled with sequences such as diseased mother, abusive father, affectionate brothers and childhood friends. Highly level of predictability is a major flaw, which continues in the second half as well. The narration is not clear and is annoying. Even though the movie has suspense, there is no interest generated when the suspense is opened, with predictable twists giving us the yawns.

Anjana's script has many empty spaces and is also unrealistic. For instance, Karthik and his brother Balaji fight and kill gangsters and sustain heavy injuries, only to be found sitting casually in the very next frame.

Characterization is average. Bindu Madhavis role is not solid enough to evoke sympathy even when she commits suicide. Except for the lead roles, the casting does not help Veppam's cause. The lady who performs as a terrific gangster, Ammaji, is not fit for her role.

Veppam is worthy of Nani's Tamil debut with a good performance from him. His appearance resembles actor Adharva to a great extent, and he has performed well in the action sequences. Karthik plays as Vishnu and scores well in the romance.

Muthukumar, who plays as Nani's brother, has also done a neat job. Nithya Menon looks bubbly and her performances are impressive. Debutant Bindhu Madhavi plays a prostitute and she has given her best. Joshua Sridhar's music and Om Kumar's cinematography are the highlights of the movie. Anthony's editing also as up to the mark.

But for a sound technical team and a few good performances, Veppam's slow narration and predictable script leaves us with a meaningless collage of old thriller movies. A certain Can't Watch!

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Nithya Menon and Nani in Veppam Nithya Menon and Nani stills in Veppam movie Nani, Nithya Menon and Karthik Kumar
Nani and Nithya Menon in Veppam movie Bindu Madhavi with Karthik Kumar Telugu Actor Nani and Nithya Menon in Veppam

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Veppam is an upcoming action packed thriller written & directed by Anjana Ali Khan, an associate of Gautham Menon, who owns a production company since 1997 making Television Ads, Documentries & music videos. She makes her debut with this movie.

Gautham Menon is producing Veppam along with Madan, Kumar, Jayaraman and Venkat under the banners Photon Kathaas & R.S. Infotainment Pvt Ltd.

Veppam stars Ashta Chemma fame Telegu actor Nani, Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi and Nithya Menon. Bindu Madhavi, a famous Telugu actress, plays the role of a prostitute in Veppam. Veppam is violence-based movie with an intresting script set in the backdrop of the Chennai slums and was shot in a period of 46 days.

Kalavani  fame Om Prakash has handled the cinematography while Anthony has done the editing. Music is composed by Kadhal fame Joshua Sridhar and all the lyrics are penned by Na. Muthu Kumar.

Veppam is expected to hit the screens on the 29th of July, 2011.