Vellore Mavattam Movie Review

A typical cop story involving an IPS officer and a powerful goon

Vellore Mavattam is a cop story directed by R.N.R. Manohar of Maasilamani fame and revolves around Muthu Kumar, a honest Police officer who attempts to stop the local goon Gurumoorthy and his illegal activities.

The movie opens in a hospital where Nandha gets admitted with heavy Injuries, followed by a flashback. G. M. Kumar, who delivered a sensational performance in Avan Ivan, plays as Nandha's father & his sequences are laudable. The first few minutes are impressive as Director Manohar has beautifully narrated how education can enlighten the standard of living of an entire generation. The moment Nandha finishes his training and gets a posting in Vellore District, the expectation is raised.

However, what follows is entirely disappointing due to the usual narrative style. It is easy to map back the screenplay to yesteryear flicks such as Singam, Kaaka Kaaka & Saamy. In fact, the first half is an exact replica of Surya's Singam, though made in a poor manner. Characterization is the biggest drawback as it lacks consistency. The unfinished script is irritating. Adding fuel to the fire is Santhanam's comedy, which also fails except for his Singam Spoof. Santhanam's combination with Singamuthu is average.

Director Manohar fails to convey his script. Each and every frame is highly predictable and thus boring. A serious scene in which Nandha uses a different technique to find the accused in the market is comical. Although the story happens in Vellore, the director has nothing to justify it except for the title. The worst part is the climax twist which is directly lifted from a famous scene in Bhagyaraj's Rudra.

Though Nandha's look and physique are more than appropriate for the role, his performances would have been better had he emoted well. Poorna has done her part well. G. M. Kumar has minimum screen space though he also does well. Vetri's camera is colorful. Editing could have been better. Music by Sundar C Babu is average.

R.N.R. Manohar fails to utilize this big opportunity with a good production banner and a great cast on his side. A predictable script lifted from the other cop flicks, when coupled with poor narration and countless logical loopholes, gives you a perfect Can't Watch that is Vellore Mavattam!

Vellore Mavattam Movie Stills

Actor Santhanam and Nandha in Vellore Mavattam Nandha in polce dress still in Vellore Mavattam Actor Nandha in Vellore Mavattam still
Actor Nandha and G. M. Kumar in Vellore Still actor Poorna in Vellore Mavattam still Actor Nandha in Police getup still

Vellore Mavattam Movie Trailer

Vellore Mavattam Movie Preview

AGS Entertainment, the father of many movies like Santosh Subramaniam, Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam, Madrasapattinam, Yudham Sei & Avan Ivan is ready to release their next production venture Vellore Mavattam.

Maasilamani fame R.N.R. Manohar has directed the movie. Nandha & Poorna are in the lead roles. Jayaprakash, G. M. Kumar & Azhagam Perumal are in pivotal roles while Santhanam, Mayilsamy, Singamuthu & Vaiyapuri are in charge of the comedy.

Vellore Mavattam is a cop story which is set in the backdrop of Vellore District and revolves around a honest IPS officer who attempts to clean the social evils from Vellore district.

Director Manohar says that this movie will be a milestone in Nandha's career. We have already seen Nandha's antics as a negative character in Eeram & the recent Vandhan Vendran. However, its going to be different seeing him don the positive, lead role.

Sundar C Babu has composed the music. Vetri, who had worked as a cinematographer in many movies including Vengai & Kanchana (Muni II) has handled the camera of Vellore Mavattam while S.Surajkavee has done the Editing.

Vellore Mavattam is expected to hit the screens on the 5th of October, 2011