Poova Thalaiya Movie Review

The story of a youngster who is forced to take the weapon by the social evils

Director and Producer Sanjairam, who is renowned for making hard hitting violent movies with lots of bloodshed, comes with yet another Tamil movie Poova Thalaiya that is based on violence.

Poova Thalaiya opens with the usual boring formula of murders before the title that denote the power of the major role Kalanjiyam, casted by Kadhal Dhandapani. Not to mention, the murders continue throughout the movie.

The director has presented Poova Thalaiya without giving any thought to logic or reality. The screenplay raises numerous questions about the sanity of the script. For instance, Kombu Devan is able to escape after killing a gang lord in front of his gang, who are fully equipped with weapons. Koduva forgives Kombu, even though his God Father is killed by Kombu. Koduva also forgets to save the son of his God Father. As the movie progresses, the questions only keep mounting.

The screenplay can best be described as a journey in a forest with no knowledge of the path or the destination. The lack of continuity is such that, more often than not, Poova Thalaiya seems like many different trailers packaged and branded as a movie. The audience are probably expected to switch off their left brain.

Another major drawback of Poova Thaliya is in its characterization. The cast's behavior varies from one scene to another. One of the major cast Vardhan's characterization is irritating at best. Krishnakumar casted as Kombu Devan has delivered an average performance. His appearance is perfect for his role. However, he could avoid giving the same expressions with wide open eyes. Udhaya plays as Koduva, and has delivered a good performance. He has changed his body language and voice modulation when compared to his previous movies like Thirunelvely, and this is neat. He scores in everything other than in the romance and song sequences.

Sherin is casted opposite Krishnakumar and she has been treated like an unwanted guest. Her role in the movie is extremely short and also incomplete. She is used only for a handful of sequences and a glamour song. Megha Nair is Udhaya's pair. Her appearance and performance is far from impressive. Kadhal Dhandapani has done a decent job and he has perfectly fit into his role.

Leo. D's camera is perfect, and his visuals have given Poova Thalaiya a quality look. Editing by S. Surajkavee could have been better. John Peter's background score is good and makes the visuals racy at many places. However, all his songs are forgettable.

Overall, Poova Thalaiya fails to impress the audiences thanks to its poor screenplay and characterization. Though the Censor board has given a A certification for violence, this movie would not even impress the bloodshed-movie lovers. Poova Thalaiya is a clear Cant Watch!

Poova Thalaiya Movie Stills

Krishnakumar with Megha Nair still Hot sherin still Krishnakumar in Poova Thalaya
Sherin with Krishnakumar in Poova Thalaiya Hot sherin still in Poova Thalaya movie Meghna Nair and Udhaya in Poova Thalaya

Poova Thalaiya Movie Trailer

Poova Thalaiya Movie Preview

Director and Producer Sanjairam, who is renowned for making hard hitting violent movies with lots of bloodshed, comes with yet another tamil movie Poova Thalaiya that is based on violence. Poova Thalaiya is produced by Balu Poththan and Ram Prakash under the banner Lingam Theatres.

Thoothukudi, Aadu Puli Aatam & Veeramum Iramum are the earlier ventures of Sanjairam which were all set in backdrop of southern districts of Tamil Nadu like Thoothukudi, Thirunelveli & Kanyakumari.

Poova Thalaiya is based on a true story that happened in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu.

Veeramum Iramum fame Krishnakumar, Udhaya, Sherin & Megha Nair are in the lead roles in Poova Thalaiya. Director Sanjairam also shares the screen with them by playing a pivotal role.

Though Poova Thalaiya is a used title, there is nothing in common with the yesteryear movie starred by Gemini Ganesan.

Leo. D is the Director of Photography for the movie, while S. Surajkavee is in charge of Editing. Music is by John Peter. Art direction is by P.L. Deva and Stunts are by Action Prakash.

Poova Thalaiya is expected to release on the 29th of April, 2011.