Nil Gavani Sellathey Movie Review

A group of friends are caught up in a bloody road trip to hell

Nil Gavani Sellathey is a thriller from K. Anand Chakravarthy, the producer of the hit flick Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu. This time around, he is both behind and in front of the wheels as he has produced, directed and acted in this movie. Nil Gavani Sellathey is inspired from Hollywood's 2003 flick The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The casting includes Dhanshika of Peranmai & Mannja Velu fame, Jagan, Lakshmi Nair and a host of others. V. Selvaganesh is in charge of the music, with J. Laxman Kumar handling the cinematography & Kasi Vishwanathan doing the editing. After an initial theatrical release on the 17th of December 2010, Nil Gavani Sellathey comes back to hit the screens once again this week.

Nil Gavani Sellathey opens with the fun amongst a group of friends. Mano (Jagan) is the lighter-head amongst the gang and is always on the lookout to impress the girls he meets, thanks to which there are a few giggles on offer. Jagan's performance is excellent, and it is good to see him back with a cameo along the lines of the role that he played in Ayan. It is a good aspect to have mixed comedy with a light dose of thrill in the first half of the movie, and K. Anand Chakravarthy must be appreciated for the same. As the movie progresses, the thrill builds up. When the group decide to go on a road trip to photograph a distant temple, and leave their cell phones behind, the real showdown of Nil Gavani Sellathey begins.

Nil Gavani Sellathey hands out a thrilling experience to its audience. Its a fact that thriller movies are rare in the tamil movie world, for reasons that one cannot envision. K. Anand Chakravarthy has challenged that, and that in itself must be appreciated. The audience can feel the gripping screenplay take over their senses during the latter part of the movie.

Dhanshika has done an awesome job as the lead role in the movie, and hopefully this is her big break for more projects to come her way. The supporting cast have all performed well. Their expressions of fear and hopelessness are excellent, and this is one key aspect that ends up leaving the audience in a similar mood.

A thriller like Nil Gavani Sellathey demands so much more from the crew, and there is no disappointment on that front. The cinematography from J. Laxman Kumar is good, and care has been taken to keep the lighting low in order to match the locations with the script and to leave the thrilling effect hanging in the cinema hall. Editing by Kasi Vishwanathan is also good. The locations have been carefully chosen, and they add so much more value to the entire experience. The background score by V. Selvaganesh is excellent and ensures that all fingers are crossed during the latter half of Nil Gavani Sellathey.

All in all, if you are game enough for a blood-curdling experience, head out to Nil Gavani Sellathey, a Must Watch!

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