Nanjupuram Movie Review

A fascinating tale of snakes and the myths and superstitions surrounding them

Nanjupuram is a tamil movie directed by debutant Charles. Raaghav and Monica are in the lead roles, with Mynaa fame Thambi Ramiah playing a supporting role. Music is also composed by Raaghav. Cinematography for Nanjupuram is by Antony, while R. Sankar & V. Baalu are in charge of the Editing. Raaghav's wife S. Preetha has produced Nanjupuram under the banner Ilusionz Infinite.

Nanjupuram is a fantasy based thriller movie, which is all about the myths and superstition surrounding snakes in a remote village. The director Charles has given a good opening to Nanjupuram with the cruel entry of snakes, which makes the audience freeze, and an impressive way of introducing the characters. Love beyond caste differences, myths about snakes, the fearless heroics of Raghav, the lead actor, with snakes and the horrible snake forest are most of the contents of the first half of Nanjupuram. The average pace of the screenplay, combined with a minimum amount of thrill, are just about enough to glue the audience to their seats.

It is when the brave-hearted Raaghav becomes a fearful man, that Nanjupuram begins to fly at high speed. The latter half of Nanjupuram is really amazing. The depth of the plot and the narrative style are worth appreciation and makes the experience believable.

Nanjupuram impresses in many instances such as the sequence of catching the snake in a pot, picturization and the narrative style of the Paritchath Maharaja and thief Essaki's friend and so on. Except for the climax, the director has impressed the audience.

The casting is good, and all the characters have performed well. The lead role is played by Raaghav, who is already a very familiar face in Television and has also done small roles in few movies. He has performed well, and it is good that he has chosen a great script for an entry into the silver screen. He has performed in two dimensions as a brave man and also as man gripped with fear, and he has handled both well.

Monica's performance in Nanjupuram is outstanding and she has done an excellent job throughout the movie. Thambi Ramiah is an asset to the movie and his characterization is great. He has lived the role of Nachiyappan. Another important role to mention is Essaki, and he has given a realistic performance.

Cinematography by Antony is brilliant. Antony has proven his talent with this maiden venture Nanjupuram. His camera speaks a lot and rotates brilliantly to capture the snakes in all possible dimensions. A thriller script such as Nanjupuram depends a lot on the picturization, and this has turned out to be the major reason why Nanjupuram has looked so good on screen.

Editing by R. Sankar & V. Baalu is good. One fallback though is in the color correction in the visuals, which makes the screen look poor at some sequences.

Raaghav has also proved himself to be a good music director. His music is an asset to Nanjupuram. Oorula unakoru medai and Anbe unnai kaana vandhen are good song numbers. Raaghav's background music in the second half is appreciable. Magudeswaran's lyrics are simply superb.

We have to appreciate the director Charles for presenting Nanjupuram on par with International standards since the project is one of a lower budget. He has used small size snakes and this makes the movie look good. The only thing missing in Nanjupuram is the thrill-factor, which is a bit on the lower side. If that had been higher, Nanjupuram would be one of the best movies made in this genre. The director also fails to show more variety or add more information about snakes. Showing the same variety of snake such as the Cobra reduces the interest level and thrill. Though Charles leaves logical holes at many instances, we can forget them since logical issues in fantasy thriller movies are common. The climax of Nanjupuram could also have been better. The Director leaves the superstitions and myths about snakes as open questions, and it would have been better if they had been answered.

For a fascinating script, great picturization and average thrill-factor, Nanjupuram is a sure Can Watch!

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Raaghav  holding the snake in his hand cute actress Monica in nanjupuram Thambi Ramaiyah with actress Monica
Monica in Nanjupuram village Raaghav saves Monica's friend actress Monica and Thambi Ramaiyah

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Nanjupuram Movie Preview

Nanjupuram is an upcoming thriller tamil movie, directed by debutant director Charles. Raaghav and Monica are in the lead roles. Mynaa fame Thambi Ramiah plays an important role.

Nanjupuram is all about a village which faces danger from snakes. Cinematography is by Antony, while R. Sankar & V. Baalu are in charge of the Editing. Music for Nanjupuram is composed by the lead role Raaghav. Raaghav's wife S. Preetha is producing Nanjupuram under the banner of Ilusionz infinite.

Veteran director & producer Ramanarayanan has praised Nanjupuram's director Charles after watching the special screening of the movie. Further, Ramanarayanan will release the movie under his own banner Sri Thenandal Films.

Nanjupuram is expected to release on 1st of April, 2011.