Mambattiyan Movie Review

The biography of Mambattiyaan, a brave decoit who lived in Malaiyur village of Salem district, helping poor people with money swindled from rich baddies

Mambattiyan is the real life story of a brave dacoit who lived in Malaiyur village of Salem district. The movie is a remake of the 1983 blockbuster Malaiyur Mambattiyaan, which took Thiyagarajan, who played the role of Mambattiyan, to the peak of fame. The same Thiyagarajan produces and directs this remake, with his son Prashanth donning the lead role.

Mambattiyan revolves around a youngster who avenges the death of his parents by killing the baddies in public view. He gets a robin hood image, continuing to kill all rich baddies who torture poor people. The Police struggle to catch him.

The movie opens with the sensational hit song Kaattu Vazhi Pora Penne composed by Ilaiyaraja. Right from the title song to the end, every frame has the same presentation as the original version. Director Thiyagarajan presents the same script and same dialogues. Yes, it is understood that the story is a real life story and cannot be changed, but some interesting changes in the screenplay would have helped people who have already watched the 1983 version.

Logical loopholes from the earlier version are repeated in this version. For instance, when Kannatha escapes from the duplicate Mambattiyan, she fails to inform this to Mambattiyan when she meets him in the very next frame. Mumaith Khan's suicide scene is another good example. The costumes & makeup could have been better. Prashanth wearing costly-looking shoes when he works in the iron workshop, and Meera Jasmine with a heavy makeover face end up spoiling the reality. The film also leaves a stretchy feel.

Mambattiyan is a grander version due to the fantastic film making with today's technologies. The movie will certainly be a visual treat to the audiences! Shaji Kumar's cinematography is the greatest strength of the movie and keeps our attention on the beautiful visuals. The locales of Kodanadu, Theni and the remote forest of Andhra Pradesh are fascinating, thanks to the the brilliant camera angles!

Prashanth has delivered a great performance. He has worked hard for the stunt sequences, and his physique and appearance are well suited for the role. However, 1983 Thiyagarajan's rough and tough look is missing in Prashanth's face! He fails to score in the aggressive & angry situations. Meera Jasmine perfectly replaces Saritha and she has scored well. Prakash Raj has done his part well. After a long gap, Vadivelu comes back and scores well, though he has minimum screen space. Kota Srinivasan and Vijaya kumar are in guest appearances.

Thaman's background score is awesome! A couple of songs composed by Ilayaraja are remixed. Remix of the Chinna Ponnu and Mamoy song performed by Mumaith Khan are the good numbers. Editing by Don Max is sharp and great. Thiyagarajan's art direction is excellent. The village sets and the frames in the forest are brilliant.

If you have already watched Malaiyoor Mambattiyan and want a grander version of it, you will not be disappointed, though some interesting modifications and faster screenplay would have helped better. Fascinating photography, style of making and Prashanth's dedicated performance takes Mambattiyan to a Can Watch!

Mambattiyan Movie Stills

Actor Vadivelu as Silk Singaram in Mambattiyan Vadivelu stills from Mambattiyan Actor Prashanth as Mambattiyan
Mambattiyan Prashanth Prashanth in Mambattiyan movie still Vadivelu and Prakaash Raj in Mambattiyan
Vadivelu holding the flower in his hand Meera Jasmine as Kannatha Mambattiyan Prashanth  threatening Vadivelu
Actor Prasanth with Tattoos Comedian Vadivelu Actor Prashanth in fishing
Meera Jasmine and Prashanth in Mambattiyan Prashanth stills from Mambattiyan Prashanth and Meera Jasmine
Prashanth in remake of Malaiyoor Mambattiyan Actress Meera Jasmine with Prashanth Mambattiyan movie photoshoot still
Prashanth and hot actress Mumaith Khan Mumaith Khan and Prashanth Meera Jasmine with Mambattiyan Prashanth
Malaiyoor Mambattiyan Prashanth Vadivelu and Prakash Raj comedy scene in Mambattiyan

Mambattiyan Movie Trailer

Mambattiyan Movie Preview

Mambattiyan is a remake of the 1983 blockbuster Tamil movie, Malaiyoor Mambatiyan which had starred Thiyagarajan. It is directed and produced by Thiyagarajan.

Malaiyoor Mambattiyan has already been remade in Hindi as Gangwa starring Superstar Rajinikanth and in Telugu as Kondaveetu Nagu starring Krishnam Raju. Both the Hindi and Telugu versions were super hits!

Director Thiyagarajan's son Prashanth plays the titular role of Mambattiyan. This may be the first time in our Cinema Industry where a hero of a movie remakes the same movie with his son in the lead role!

Meera Jasmine plays opposite Prashanth. Prakash Raj, Mumaith Khan, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Vijaya Kumar and Riyaz Khan are playing pivotal roles.

After a long gap, Vadivelu makes his comeback with this movie. He reprises Goundamani's role from the original version.

Music is scored by Thaman while Vaira Muthu, Na. Muthukumar and Annamalai have penned the lyrics. The remix of the peppy number Kaatu Vazhi Pora Penne will be the highlight of this album, with Director Thiyagarajan crooning the song. Silambarasan (STR) has also sung the same song for the promos. Cinematography is by Shaji Kumar while Editing by Don Max.

In addition to Direction, Thiyagarajan takes care of the screenplay, dialogues and art direction. He also produces the movie under his own banner Lakshmi Shanthi Movies.

Mambattiyan, with high goals set and its own records to beat, will release on the 16th of December, 2011.