Maithanam Movie Review

The game between true friendship and betrayal

Maithanam is all about friendship and betrayal. Director M. S. Sakthivel gives a casual start with a new type of village, fresh faces, their lifestyle, narrowly constructed houses and wind mills. Everything at this point is impressive and gives the fresh look. The first half is filled with friendship and romance with the combination of humor.

When one of the lead roles Sivaguru's sister disappears, the movie takes a turn into thrill mode. The latter half is totally unpredictable, with the first twenty minutes standing out. Except for an average climax, there is no drawback in the script. However, the pace of the movie is extremely slow and seems to drag along, and this is the biggest hole in Maithanam. In addition to that, the comedy is empty and could have been much better.

Casting is good and the characterization is perfect and realistic. Jothiraj, Suresh Guru, Kennedy, Siva and Sekhar have all performed well, with Suresh Guru and Sekhar doing exceptionally well. Swasika also has done a wonderful job. She fits very much into her role, and her expressions and dialogue delivery are excellent. Director Agathiyan plays as Sivaguru's father and his performance is extraordinary.

Cinematography by L. K. Vijay is brilliant, with beautiful angles and impressive shots. Yoga Baskar's editing has not helped the movie's pace, and his effort is average. Music by Sabesh Murali is good with an impressive background score. However, except for Kandom Kandom, none of the other songs are impressive.

Overall, Maithanam is a great attempt from debutant Director M. S. Sakthivel. We have to appreciate him for presenting a low budget yet high quality movie. Differently treated script and casting are the strengths of Maithanam. However, the slow pace of the movie has a telling effect, bringing it to a Can Watch!

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Jothiraj, Suresh Guru, Kennedy and  Siva in Maithanam movie Siva and Swasika stills in Maithanam actress Swathika in Maithanam movie
Assistant directors in lead roles of the Movie Maithanam actress Swathika in half saree still actress Swathika in Maithanam movie stills

Maithanam Movie Trailer

Maithanam Movie Preview

Maithanam is an upcoming tamil movie written & directed by M. S. Sakthivel and produced by J. T. Sathish Kumar & S. Davit under the banner Aanjhana Cinemas.

Maithanam stars a host of associate directors, namely Jothiraj, Suresh Guru, Kennedy and Siva in the lead roles along with Goripalayam fame Swasika. Rama, Director Agathiyan & A.P.N. Dharathan are also donning prominent roles.

Maithanam is expected to be based on reality and the real lifes of people.

Most of the cast in Maithanam are newcomers. Makeup has not been used for the entire cast. Most of the movie has been shot in the southern villages of Tamil Nadu like Kaniyoor, Karathozhuvu, Thanthoni & Udumalaipet.

400 year old house in Karathozhuvu village will be the highlight of the movie. L. K. Vijay, who had earlier worked for Kulir 100° & Kola Kolaya Mundhirika, is handling the camera while Pasanga fame Yoga Baskar is doing the editing. Music is by Sabesh Murali.

Maithanam is expected to release on the 20th of May, 2011.