Kumki Movie Review

A young mahout's love makes his innocent and harmless elephant as Kumki, an Elephant that is trained to attack Wild Elephants

Director Prabhu Solomon made us breathe fresh air with his super hit flick Mynaa. He once again climbs the mountain peaks for Kumki, a film on the magnificent creature that is the Elephant. Does he live up to the promise this time?

Aadhi Kaadu is a tribal village which is terrorized by Komban, a wild elephant, which attacks and kills villagers frequently. The villagers decide to bring in a well trained Kumki elephant. Bomman (Vikram Prabhu), a mahout, and his elephant Manikam, get involved in this situation. Manikam was not trained to be a Kumki but has to act so for two days. Bomman, who is not aware of the dangers of Komban, decides to stay for a while in Aadhi Kaadu for Alli (Lakshmi Menon). What happens to Manikam and the village and whether Bomman's love succeeds or not is the rest of Kumki.

Prabhu Solomon has brilliantly presented an ordinary love story with an extraordinary backdrop. The script and its treatment are extremely refreshing. He greatly sketches the characters, including the two elephants. From the first frame to the last, he makes us stick with the screen, thanks to the wonderful cinematography by Sukumar. The beauty of mother nature is neatly captured. Each and every frame of the film can be used as a wallpaper. The movie feels almost like a 3D film, it's that stunning! The top angle view of Jog Falls is amazing.

Debutant Vikram Prabhu delivers an outstanding performance and his body language is perfect. The sequences presented to showcase the affection between him and his elephant are fascinating. Lakshmi Menon delivers her best as a village girl. Thambi Raamaiah steals the show with his casual, comical performance, sharing equal screen space with the lead roles. Kudos to the Director and crew for capturing great performances not only from the cast but also from the elephants!

D. Imman's BGM is the another major asset. Few songs like Onnum Puriyala, Aiyyaiyo, and Sollittale are beautiful. On the downsidse, the Editing and CG could have been better. A few stretchy sequences in the second half could have been avoided. Though the plot slightly resembles Avatar, it wisely travels in a different manner.

Kumki showcases the beauty of living with nature and depicts the reality of how far we are from it. Prabhu Solomon also touches on the dangers of deforestation. Kumki is one rocking film that has to be watched in the Cinemas. One heck of a Must Watch!

Kumki Movie Stills

Kumki actress Lakshmi Menon's cute still Lakshmi Menon and Vikram Prabhu with Elephant Lakshmi Menon sitting on top of Elephant in Kumki
Vikram Prabhu and Lakshmi Menon sitting on top of Jog Falls in Karnataka Director Prabhu Soloman with an Elephant Jog Falls in Karnataka still
Jog Falls still in Kumki movie Cute actress Nithya Menon Kissing the Elephant India's highest waterfalls still in Kumki
Vikram Prabhu with Elephant Vikram Prabhu and Lakshmi Menon sitting on top of Jog Falls in Karnataka Vikram Prabhu with Elephant
Vikram Prabhu sitting on top of Elephant for Kumki Jog Falls still in Kumki Lakshmi Menon and Vikram Prabhu with Elephant in Kumki
Vikram and Lakshmi at Jog Falls Vikram and Lakshmi in Jog Falls Lakshmi Menon's cute still
Actor Vikram Prabhu  with an Elephant Actor Vikram Prabhu in Kumki press meet Prabhu's son Vikram Prabhu in Kumki
Prabhu's son  in Kumki Vikaram Prabu with Thambi Ramaiya Vikaram Prabu with Prabhu Solomon
Director Prabhu Solomon with Lingu Samy Kumki actress Lakshmi Menon

Kumki Movie Trailer

Kumki Movie Preview

After the success of Mynaa, Director Prabhu Solomon's next movie is Kumki which is also set in the forest backdrops.

Legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan’s grandson and Veteran actor Prabhu's son Vikram Prabhu debuts in Kumki. Newcomer Lakshmi Menon from Kerela is playing the female lead.

The film is produced by Lingusamy under his own banner of Thirupathi Brothers and UTV Motion Pictures will distribute it.

A well trained elephant which is used to prevent wild elephants from entering into human settlement is known as Kumki. However, with respect to the movie, Kumki is the name of the lead role Vikram Prabhu who plays as a mahout (a person who drives an elephant).

Kumki is a love story which revolves around a young man and a woman who loves an elephant very much. Director Prabhu Solomon says that the elephants are just like human beings, with emotions, intelligence, love & anger.

Kumki's team have successfully shot some sequences in the famous Jog Falls in Karnataka, which is India's highest waterfalls! Kumki team is the first ever movie crew to have gone up to the top of the falls!

Thambi Ramiah, who bagged the National Award for Mynaa, is playing a pivotal role in Kumki as well. D. Imman composes the music while Sugumar handles the camera. Prabhu Solomon takes care of the story, screenplay & dialogues along with the direction.

Kumki has been growing at a good pace in a deep Forest in Karnataka, and is expected to release soon!