Kasethan Kadavulada Movie Review

A gang of robbers commit a bank robbery to help the poor people

Kasethan Kadavulada, the remake of the Telugu movie Blade Babji (2008), is a comedy directed by Thirumalai whose previous ventures were Thee Nagar and Agam Puram. It is all about a gang of robbers who steal money from the rich to help the poor.

The director opens the movie with a 4 crore bank robbery, the execution of which is presented as average with no good planning for the robbery. Even if we follow the director's path of the lack of logic and reality in a comedy movie, we still cannot find any good comedy in the movie.

The story seems interesting, but the poor execution spoils it. The robbers hide the money in a building which is in under construction, only to come back after a month to find the completed building to be a police control room! A major part of the movie is how they try to recover the money from the building.

This movie features a large number of Tamil Cinema's comedians including Sathyan, Jeeva, Karunas, R. Pandiarajan, Delhi Ganesh, Manobala, Mayil Samy, Singampuli, Paravai Muniyamma & Singamuthu. However, it is the utter failure of the director to not use the cast productively. He has presented adult-type of comedy which are also not delivered well. Particularly, the R. Pandiarajan and Delhi Ganesh sequences with Bobilona are irritating. Everything happening on screen is unbelievable and also meaningless.

Debutant Charan plays the lead role, and his performances are average. Kamna Jetmalani is only used for glamor. Ayyan fame Divya Viswanath plays as one of the robbers and has done well. Jeeva, Sathyan and Karunas are wasted.

Cinematography by Sevilo Raja is good and so is the Editing by Saleem. Vengal Ravi’s Art direction is neat and helps the visuals. Music by Karunas could have been better.

Overall, Kasethan Kadavulada could have been much better if it had proper execution, comedy and interesting twists and turns in the script. Kasethan Kadavulada offers nothing and only disappoints, a Cant Watch!

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Kamna Jethmalani and Charan in Kasethan Kadavulada Actress Nalini and Singamuthu in Kasethan Kadavulada Sathyan, Jeeva, Charan and Manobala in Kasethan Kadavulada
Bobilona, Delhi ganesh and Pandiyarajan still Kamna Jethmalani with Charan in Kasethan Kadavulada Actor Charan with Kamna Jethmalani

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