Engeyum Eppodhum Movie Review

Two love tales meet together in a road accident

Engeyum Eppodhum is a road trip revolving around two love couples, with most part of the movie shot inside two buses! Kicking off with a terrible head-to-head accident involving two buses, Director Saravanan jumps into flash back mode with the romance of Ananya and Sharvanand. Everyday Chennai life in the city buses & share autos are captured in a realistic yet entertaining manner. The other love couple, Jai and Anjali, are presented in the form of interesting and hilarious comedy sequences, some of which are new to Tamil Cinema.

The movie has various jump cuts, navigating the audience to the present and past of the four protagonists. However, there is no confusion, thanks to a job well done by Director Saravanan. The climax is very realistic and stunning. Saravanan has made the audience stick to the screen with every frame of his.

Jai has done a neat job with a good role, neat voice modulation and cool expressions. This should go down as a notable film of his, along the likes of Subramaniyapuram. Anjali fits into her role very well. Though her characterization is much like that of Angadi Theru, she has differentiated well and has given a solid performance.

Sharvanand, the Telugu actor, makes his debut in Tamil and has performed well. Though he gets to speak less, he has scored with his expressions and face reactions. Nadodigal fame Ananya has also performed well. The cast have all done so well that it is very difficult to single out an outstanding performer amongst the four.

Engeyum Eppodhum dazzles thanks to a clearly sketched script and perfect characterization. C. Sathya's background music is an added strength. Maasama Aaru & Govindha Govindha are his best song numbers. Aadukalam fame Cinematographer R. Velraj is at his best though he is restricted to the insides of buses for the most part of the movie. Te. Kishore's Editing is also perfect, especially during the accident sequences.

Director Saravanan deserves a pat on his back for making a quality movie without adding any commercial elements such as item songs or action sequences. He also proves that it is possible to make a great movie with a simple plot. Though we are used to seeing reports of many accidents in the news, his live presentation of an accident ends up giving a lot of awareness.

Engeyum Eppodhum is a rare movie, and has come out as perfect as a dream. A sure Must Watch!

Engeyum Eppodhum Movie Stills

Actor Jai with Actress Anjali Anjali and Jai in Engeyum Eppodhum Sharavanand and Ananya standing in the bus stop
Actress Anjali at Jai's work place Ananya and Sharavanand in the bus Actor Jai with Actress Anjali in Engeyum Eppodhum

Engeyum Eppodhum Movie Trailer

Engeyum Eppodhum Movie Preview

A. R. Murugadoss is producing Engeyum Eppodhum in association with one of the World's renowned production houses, Fox Star Studios. Fox enters Kollywood with this movie.

A. R. Murugadoss' former associate M. Saravanan has directed this romantic flick said to highlight a social message. The movie revolves around two separate love stories that meet together in the climax.

Jai, Anjali, Telugu fame Sharvanand and Ananya are playing the lead roles. The director says that the touching climax, which was shot for 14 days with 7 cameras, will be the highlight of the movie. He feels that after Subramaniapuram, this is the climax that will strike a chord with audiences worldwide.

Engeyum Eppodhum has got a clean U certificate. The censor board has praised the team for presenting a good movie with a great message.

Aadukalam fame Cinematographer R. Velraj handles the camera while Te. Kishore has done the Editing. C. Sathya has composed the music.

Engeyum Eppodhum is expected to hit the screens on the 16th of September, 2011.